Website Managment

Monthly maintenance is provided by our dedicated and highly skilled staff.  Our team monitors all sites we manage 24 hours a day and perform updates as they become available. Includes:

Enhanced S.E.O.

Dedicated and effective content writing is provided for sites that need extra attention for a boost in page rank. Depending on site niche, or the overall outreach of the website, this option may be needed for optimal search engine results.

Site Operation Training

This service is generally needed for sites with a storefront that offer physical or digital products. IntelliCore Sales provides a well qualified and experienced Training Rep via video meetings, providing step by step instructional sessions required for your success.

Social Media Manangement

Social Media outreach is needed to maximize your outreach both locally, nationally, and definitely a priority for international audiences. Our Department of Social Media Managing, provides content writing included with creating and posting on multiple social media platforms. Contact a DSMM Specialist to determine the level of attention needed.


ICS Graphic Designers provide a favicon/logo with each website we develop. Often our expertise is request by organizations specifically for branding or re-branding growing businesses. Our finished designs are always met with gratitude.

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